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(I intended to put a full PICO-8 starter tutorial here. Until I or someone else does, here are links to some resources to get started.)


Dylan Bennett's Game Development with PICO-8 is a zine. The first issue introduces the major topics and walks through some examples.

The PICO-8 Zine is a collection of articles and tutorials on PICO-8 subjects, written by multiple authors and edited by Arnaud DeBock. Most articles are intended for beginners.

Some people have made video tutorials and uploaded them to YouTube:


Tassilo Rau's How to Make Games With PICO-8 was being worked on, and users could pre-order the book and get early access to drafts.

The project stopped being updated during 2018 because of family health issues, and unrelated to that the author passed away unexpectedly late 2019.